AHWS samples
Branding | Graphic Design | Logo Design | Video Animation | Web Design

As a brand new health studio, AHWS needed new and vibrant branding, including a new logo, concept, and corresponding imagery that reflects what they are all about: awakening a better you.

The new logo brings a sense of motion and creates a focal point. The creative concept centers on the ultimate goal: making the patient feel better, happier, and healthier. The body language of the people in the pictures reflects optimism and above all: good health.

AHWS samples

The video animation depicts all the different ways AHWS can help their patients while keeping a sense of movement and focus on them. The music and tone of the voice-over is also calming and optimistic.

AHWS samples

The website reflects the branding in a very faithful way, keeping the sense of air and motion focusing particularly on the sense of freedom that the patients hopefully will obtain once their health improves.

Web Design

People, Places & Promotions. This website was developed with the objective to endorse everything Adelaide, especially its people. With interviews, exclusive and featured stories, as well as videos that can be easily shared on any social media platform.



Branding | Graphic Design | Logo Design

This campaign was created to capture young people’s attention to the ABM course, which could significantly enhance their professional careers in a very short time.

Web Design

Website created for this not-for-profit foundation that depicts their philosophy and how they can contribute to young people’s lives, by developing self-reliance and discipline during maritime training.

Branding | Graphic Design | Web Design

As a premium recruitment agency, Techforce requested a rebranding with a complete revamp of their online presence, displaying the various industries they assist, with the main message of success.

Branding | Logo Design

The Financial Foreman Wealth Advisors was established with the specific goal of providing financial guidance to tradespeople and to help them increase their wealth. The company recognized that tradespeople often work hard but may not have the financial knowledge to make the most of their earnings. The Financial Foreman Wealth Advisors aims to fill this gap by providing them with the tools and information they need to grow their wealth.