OLC 360 Series Emails
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The focus of the branding was to encapsulate the spirit of the business mind, applying it to various industries, capturing the key findings from the 2018 Vision Survey.

OLC (Online Coaching) is an online video service provided by UBT that focuses on improving businesses’ capabilities in every level; every series comprises of a specific number of episodes and is based on a particular subject, the 360 series is based on the findings of the 2018 Vision survey.

OLC 360 Series Emails

The main idea was to capture the attention of the business owner with the various business images, superimposed with the workers and with a variety of colours. The main media for this campaign was email and the webpage.

OLC 360 Series Emails

By using a variety of colours, the business theme comes alive and is more appealing to the business eye, while still capturing the essence of the business concept. Throughout the series, a weekly set of emails were sent to remind viewers of the upcoming episode.

OLC 360 Series Emails


Branding | Graphic Design | Logo Design

This campaign was created to capture young people’s attention to the UBT‘s ABM course, which could significantly enhance their professional careers in a very short time.

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The Association for Business Restructuring & Turnaround branding and creative concept reflects the high standards of the organisation and the willingness of the practitioners to help businesses survive and thrive.

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With 35 years of experience in the Financial Industry, this re-branding and creative concept reflects all the different ways GFS can help its clients with sports analogies and creating a new, modernised logo.

Extreme Elerctrical
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The branding for this business portrays excellence in premium electric services for homes and businesses and security systems. Everything done the right way

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The Financial Foreman Wealth Advisors offers financial guidance to tradespeople to enhance their wealth. Recognizing the hard work but lack of financial knowledge among tradespeople, the company aims to provide the necessary tools and information to increase their wealth.