Branding | Graphic Design | Logo Design

The successful rebranding of this facility cleaning company provides a complete feeling of safety and a trusting message to match, especially important in Covid times.

The overwhelmingly white visuals are designed to provide a clear sensation of purity, while the distinctive nature of the logo yields a unique identification.

The workspaces images are placed to show that All Clean specialises in cleaning and sanitising large area businesses and the images depicted in small circles are the multi-racial business owner displaying satisfaction at the work. The main message of the brand is ‘safety’, which is more than just cleaning, is Creating Safe Workspaces.

Branding | Graphic Design | Logo Design

As an emerging player in the solar horizon, the branding reflects a twist in the usual way to depict such services, not by selling you a product, but instead what you can do with the savings given by that product.

Branding | Graphic Design

Reflecting the blazing speed, the ability to build faster sites and the overall control of the process are the overarching elements of this branding proposal.

Web Design

Website created for this not-for-profit foundation that depicts their philosophy and how they can contribute to young people’s lives, by developing self-reliance and discipline during maritime training.

Branding | Graphic Design | Logo Design | Video Animation | Web Design

As a brand new health studio, AHWS needed new and vibrant branding, including a new logo, concept, and corresponding imagery that reflects what they are all about: awakening a better you.



Branding | Graphic Design | Logo Design

This campaign was created to capture young people’s attention to the ABM course, which could significantly enhance their professional careers in a very short time.