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This campaign was created to capture young people's attention to take the ABM course, which will significantly enhance their professional careers in a short period.

About the Project

The Advanced Business Management (ABM) Course needed a branding refresh to capture the attention of younger people than in previous years. A new adaptable logo was created, along with the adverts to display in all kinds of media, from web banners to magazine adverts.

Project Details


  • Creative Concept
  • Graphic Design
  • Logo Design
  • Brand Development


  • Illustrator
  • InDesign
  • PhotoShop
abm sample1

Understanding the Audience

Because the target was younger people than usual, the colours, images, and tone of voice was designed explicitly for them, using a variety of business backgrounds to apply to every industry.


Creating the Visual Identity System

Making the course appealing to young people, required the use of brighter colours and new combinations that are not always associated with businesses. The tone of voice was more casual, trying to create a bond while at the same time helping them to dream about the infinite amount of possibilities.


The webpage incorporates the colours and images used in some of the adverts while presenting the various course contents and basic introduction of what the course offers.

abm webpage

Another critical part of the campaign was to incorporate women as potential students. The community doesn't do this often, and it became another element of distinction in the message.

Abm sample
abm sample

The course workbooks were completely redesigned to reflect the rebranding, each colour reflecting the specific area of training.

abm workbooks

In the promotional brochure, photographic treatment is very similar to the campaign integrating icons and images relevant to each part of the course in a clean, minimalistic design.

abm brochure1 abm brochure2 abm brochure3 abm brochure4 abm brochure5 abm brochure6 abm brochure7
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